Professional Services at OpenStack

Would you like to increase the efficiency and provide the productive and stable development of Your business?
Then entrust the optimization of Your company IT-costs to us! For more than 10 years ITKey has been developing, automating and supporting all elements of cloud solutions successfully helping our clients of every ownership size and form to maximally realize the power of OpenStack technologies.

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KeyStack distribution

ITKey provides its own cloud platform distribution based on OpenStack - KeyStack - with access to the certified software, updates and technical support. KeyStack is based on CI/CD-conveyor and includes CEPH with the ability to organize S3 with unlimited scalability. Moreover, the product is a Multi-site cloud and can be used as private or public cloud.


Our advantage is in continual learning

In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine development and competitiveness in the field of information technology without continual employees’ refresher training

Stick to this conception, we guarantee that all our works correspond to actual IT-tendencies.

Our methodology

We use the flexible Agile software development to provide our clients with all required services in the shortest possible time. Moreover, it helps us to support uninterrupted working and integration of a cloud environment.

The Cloud Architecture

We help You to create Your personal cloud from the very beginning - starting with building and finishing with deployment of the whole cloud infrastructure.

Open Stack Support

Confide administration of Your new or already existing OpenStack cloud to ITKey’s experts. We provide support to both the commercial and canonical distributions regardless of their time scale. You can always rely on ITKey and be sure that Your cloud is in good hands!


We offer individual development and high quality support of Your cloud infrastructure and software applications including monitoring, updating, creating backup copies and much more.


We pay special attention to the safety of our client’s data auditing with the use of API and SSL/TTS certificates for console access.


Together we can significantly reduce the capital expenditures of Your company since we use open-source software and high-performance architecture, offer the rent of equipment and possess extensive knowledge in the field of cloud implementation.

Services we provide

We strive for accurate and easy-recognizable results. Our goal is to get carefully worked out and to the last detail elaborated solution that can guarantee effective and comfortable communications.

Architecture and design

Our specialization is cloud designing with the use of High Availability configurations and our specialists have longtime experience in working with the сloud enterprise architecture of any size. Depending on the difficulty of the project and Your wishes, we provide either offline- or online-working with the client.


  • Openstack
  • VMware/ESXi, VCloud, VCenter

The ITKey team daily analyzes new scenario development starting from the cloud management customer portals and ending with configuration tools that integrate OpenStack with the already existing infrastructure. We use various enterprise platforms - for example, Ansible, Puppet and Salt.


  • Optimization and estimation of efficiency
  • Fully controllable or auxiliary cloud deployment
  • Expansion of cloud infrastructure
  • Workload transfer from resources to clouds

Our specialists possess high professional skills and have a broad experience in Cloud Deployment on the majority of Linux distributions. Among our main projects, there are creating and designing clouds with highly accessible infrastructure (including Vanilla OpenStack, Mirantis, Red Hat, HP Helion OpenStack, CloudStack and OpenNebula) for private as well as state companies.


  • 24/7 node monitoring
  • System and hardware optimization
  • Software installation and setup
  • Timely security bulletins installation
  • Core updating
  • CI/CD management
  • Efficiency and security analyze
OpenStack Courses

For a clearer understanding what OpenStack is and what details are necessary to be considered for the most efficient business-mission statement, our company provides the opportunity of attending educational courses. During the learning You will find out how to design and deploy Your own cloud. Also you will acquire an essential functionality for its further management. We are used to a comprehensive and creative project realization approach so all our courses involve not only learning laboratories and tests but also practical examples of real scripts and options of their execution.


  • OpenStack Associate
  • OpenStack Operations engineer
  • OpenStack Development engineer
  • OpenStack DevOps architect

Our cases

No matter how beautiful the process of cloud deployment is, it is not the goal of our work.
The most important for us is creating a ready-made solution of a high-quality.
Moreover, we are taking care of the smooth operation and development of Your business.

OpenStack-solution for other Cloud Service Providers


A huge international company needed to have a public cloud created from scratch for the following inserting of some additional expanded services in it. The main aim of the client is to provide these services to its own clients.


ITKey offered a new infrastructural architecture based on OpenStack with the use of DevOps and API in Python.


  • The new architecture in conception of CI/CD and service API-support for it were developed
  • A testing and new solution integration infrastructure was created

Audit of the private cloud platform


The client wanted to audit the current state of the private cloud platform for compliance with the best private cloud architecture practice and the requirements for business growth.


Our company has not only fully audited the industrial cloud platform but also analyzed all business-requirements related to it. Moreover, we have projected growth of requirements for platform resources and functionality.


  • We have created a “cloud passport”
  • Have prepared reports on load testing of particular cloud components and on analysis of compliance with the best practices for its all components configuration
  • Have prepared a list of recommendations for bottleneck elimination, efficiency improvement, stability increasing and compliance with the best practices of private enterprise cloud building

CI/CD for Cloud Services Providers


​​The Data Processing Center offers its clients the opportunity to use public and private cloud services. The main interest is to develop a private cloud in the Data Center to help companies increase the speed of working of the cloud itself and the operations conducted in it.


ITKey has helped to develop a private cloud based on OpenStack and technologies with open-source software.


  • We have prepared a modern architecture of cloud data processing centers for exacting clients in the financial sector
  • The engineering staff has optimized their working time thanks to OpenStack and similar technologies
  • The technology has reduced license fees and equipment costs

Our clients and partners